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Welcome to Ash Street Productions, your audio services provider for Eastern North Carolina. We provide all things related to audio production that you as a consumer or professional would ever need. If you need it recorded, edited, transferred, re-mixed, or want a professional jingle made for your business, we would love to work with you.

We recently added live sound production for concerts or live theatrical performance, no genre or production will be turned down due to content. Our employees have been involved with church, theatre, musical theatre, and concert sound reinforcement since 1999 and are ready to make you sound your best!

We provide a fully featured audio production and recording facility to suit your musical needs. Whether you're a band needing a demo-tape, a rapper or group that wants to cut some tracks, or even recording voice-overs for an audiobook; we will handle your audio with the greatest of quality and ease to you.

Call or email us today to get a quote on your next project.

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